Study in USA

F1 Student Visa Sample Interview Questions

Once you have been accepted to an American college or university and received your Form I-20, then it’s the right time to schedule your visa interview with the nearest United States embassy or consulate.

This visa interview is the most important part of your visa application. The visa officer may ask you questions related to your past qualifications, test scores, financial strength, family background, interests, why you want to study in that country, your interests, your future plans etc to determine that your intentions are genuine and your only reason to go abroad is to study and gain a qualification. The visa interview can be between 5 to 20 minutes during which you will need to prove that your intentions are to genuinely study.

While every interviewer is different and there are no set questions the visa officer might ask, we have outlined some commonly asked visa interview questions which will give you some idea:

     - Why have you chosen this specific University?
     - What do you know about the University?
     - How will studying this course benefit you?
     - Which other universities did you apply to?
     - What are your career plans after you complete your degree?
     - What are your expectations after completing your degree?
     - What job or career do u have in mind?
     - What is your score in TOEFL or IELTS or GRE?
     - What is your undergraduate Academic GPA/Percentage?
     - How many backlogs did u have?
     - It appears as if you won’t be coming back!
     - What will you do if your visa is rejected?
     - Did you ever apply for student visa before?
     - Did you apply for any sort of visa before?
     - How many members are in your family?
     - Who is sponsoring you?
     - What is the income of your father/mother? And What do they do?
     - Can I have a look at your bank statements?
     - Do you know anyone in the country & Are you planning to stay with him/her?
     - How do you intend to repay the education expenses you will incur?
     - Why should you be given a Student Visa?
     - What got you interested in It or business or the specific subject you want to study?
     - Why don't you do this course in your country (India)?

This interview will make or break your entire process of obtaining a US student visa.

Proving you have good English skills during the interview is important and would make a good impression. Be honest: Do not give vague answers, don’t memorize a speech and do not make overstatements.

The visa officer is looking for students who are honest, well prepared, confident and positive attitude and body language.